Stag party in a tour bus

Another option for the bachelor party would be a trip by bus.

Responsible for the preparation and implementation are the witnesses or friends of the bride and groom.

You can inquire with the local tour bus companies if you could rent a bus from them along with the driver. The bus should be decorated by the friends, and it should have a stereo or video system. You can decorate the interior with balloons that could be tied to the seats

The groomsmen or friends should also take care of the drinks and snacks, they could bring them upon arrival.

The sandwiches, pizza, sushi or similar are then distributed among the guests on the bus. The journey goes from one station to another. The guests and the bachelors enjoy this evening on wheels with music and a few bottles of beer or champagne.

The first stop would be the parents’ house, who of course already know about the visit and have the photo albums and video films ready. The bride or groom get off the bus and go inside the parents’ house, where they pick up the photo albums and video films. Then, together with friends, they look at the funny pictures and recordings from childhood.

The next stop is the school, which can be visited together. Here, the groomsmen might also have compiled some memories from their school days with the help of school secretaries. You can end this “moving” evening in a restaurant, favorite pub or cafe.