Flowers as a headdress for the bride

The bride carries a bouquet of flowers in her hand or in the crook of her arm.

And if she likes it, she can also decorate her hair or hairstyle with flowers. To ensure that everything goes perfectly on the wedding day, you should discuss your wishes in advance with the florist and hairdresser. It does not matter whether you braid the flowers in the hair or leave them pinned – in any case, they look very romantic. Do not try to decorate the hair yourself, rather rely on the florist and hairdresser. You yourself are far too excited on your wedding day to do such fine work.

Thanks to the wreath the bride looks very pretty and gorgeous.

When choosing flowers for your hairstyle, make sure that they are included in the bridal bouquet and therefore harmonize with each other wonderfully. You can decorate your hair or hairstyle in different ways. The flowers could be braided into a classic wreath, you can put the wreath directly on your hair or wear it on your head over the veil.

Thanks to the wreath the bride looks very pretty and gorgeous. But it also has a practical purpose: it can hide the attachment of the veil. Another variant of decorating the hairstyle is a headband of flowers, which looks very extravagant. You could also just weave flowers into your hair or put a flower or a branch with flowers into your hair.

Since the florists know some preparation skills, the splendor of flowers will last the whole wedding day until the end of the celebration.

The flowers do not wilt and do not fall off, despite the fact that the bride moves a lot during the day. Of course, fresh flowers look best, but you can also decorate your hair with small artificial flowers. They should only be indistinguishable from the flowers in the bridal bouquet.