Joint cutting of the wedding cake during the wedding ceremony

Spectacular appearance of the wedding cake

If the wedding cake is not placed in the dining room at the beginning of the ceremony, you can give the cake a spectacular appearance. The room should be darkened, the work of art equipped with sparklers can be carried or driven into the dining room. After the guests have admired the beautiful work of art, the bride and groom have to cut the cake. Traditionally, this should be done just before midnight, it is one of the highlights of the wedding celebration.

The one who has the hand up at the cutting will have the “say” in the marriage. The festively decorated knife should be taken from the table by the bride and groom themselves, handing the knife to the bride or groom by others is said to bring bad luck.

Eat cake day on the 1st wedding anniversary

Bad luck also comes from eating the top layer of cake. Therefore, traditionally, the top tier is removed and frozen. Then, on the first wedding day, this cake tier is consumed by the couple together.

When the bride and groom kiss over the cake, they are promised rich child blessings. The wedding cake must not be touched in the process. When the bride and groom give each other a piece of cake, it is said to have a harmonious effect on their future relationship.

According to an old custom, the parents of the bride and groom take home a piece of the wedding cake if you still have unmarried children. This bit is to cause that they will also find a partner and get married.