Traditions, customs and meanings – from love to the wedding day.

What is a tradition?

The dictionary defines the word “tradition” as follows: Tradition is a transmission of values of a cultural relic or social nature, by oral or written transmission.

What are the traditions?

For example, there are international traditions, military traditions, and so on. And there are also wedding traditions that take place in all countries before and during the wedding. One of these traditions is the tradition of the bachelor party, which has its roots in Great Britain. who celebrates his wedding traditionally, can not avoid the custom of rumbling. A
Wedding reception
is especially useful when not all friends of the bride and groom can be invited to the wedding.

The bride purchase is also a tradition

which has been a popular custom among brides and grooms for centuries.

This custom originated in Russia, but it is also practiced in many Asian countries. An old Russian custom is to welcome the bride and groom with bread and salt. In Germany and other countries, this custom is also carried out, somewhat differently. Traditions, customs and traditions have become so intermingled that today it is hard to distinguish where it is a tradition or where it is a custom and tradition.

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