Collect ideas for your wedding

Surely you know that it is not so easy to organize a wedding party.

A wedding has many sides, it is a solemn and atmospheric ceremony, but in which serious promises are made. It is a celebration of love, a last celebration in bachelor life. This celebration will express taste, creativity, imagination and preferences of you.

As a bride and groom, you have to plan through many things that belong to a wedding: the wedding gown for you and your partner, the flower, room and table decorations, the menu, the wedding cake, the wedding rings, the music, the photographer and cameraman and much more. From these elements you need to create a beautiful whole. In order for you to succeed, it is very important to establish a firm plan. Planning your wedding can be a lot of fun. It’s exciting and somewhat intimidating at the same time.

Once the wedding date is set, you can start collecting suggestions and ideas of all kinds. It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting a small-scale party or a large-scale celebration, optimal preparation and detailed planning is required. If you schedule the planning phase early enough, you will have enough time to think through different options.

Collect things that in some way correspond to your desired style. It can be articles and pictures from magazines and newspapers, sayings and quotes for weddings, ribbons, flowers, color cards, different types of paper and cardboard, fabric samples, inspiring phrases or sentences and many other things.

We suggest some examples of how you can build your collection of ideas:

You can stretch a long ribbon on a wall or cabinet and attach various, stimulating small items to it with clothespins. So, over time, you collect a lot of suggestions and ideas for your wedding. Observe for approx. 1 – 2 weeks how the colors interact. If this does not create a harmonious overall picture, you need to choose other shades.

You could also collect your ideas in a beautiful album. You can glue on the album pages different newspaper and magazine clippings, fabric samples, shade and different types of paper, and other little things. You could keep the album as a reminder. Another way you can build your ideas – collection is a pin board. It is an uncomplicated, but very effective help for you. You can see which ideas fit your desired style, which – not.

To keep all your organizational documents and collections of ideas in order, you can use hanging files. In order to have fun with this activity and not take it as work, it is better to choose colorful folders. The next variant to build your collection of ideas would be a pattern board.

Again, as with the pinboard, you can pin the collection of ideas and materials, examine them for a while, and then make changes as needed. The first clue that will tell your guests quite a bit about the style of the wedding reception you are planning is the
Invitation cards
. Before you design or commission the invitation cards, you also need to collect different paper samples, font and color examples.

Although planning a wedding is a complicated task, you should still enjoy it. Enjoy the anticipation that grows day by day as you plan and creatively design, and already look forward to the upcoming wedding celebration.