What is love? Love is the development of feelings…

Liebe ist die Entwicklung der Gefühle

The love without passion and romance is impossible

Most people usually can’t think of a suitable answer to this question. But there is hardly a person who has not said the word “love” at least once in his life.

A famous quote states:
True love is similar to a ghost: everyone talks about it, but few have seen it.”

The true meaning of love is made much more understandable by today’s psychology and sociology. Love is impossible without passion and romance, but there is often passion without love, because it can become very strong, so that it displaces all other feelings. The preliminary stage of love is infatuation. Infatuation is a feeling that makes you happy, it is something new, great, powerful, but above all it is a state that is mostly transient and makes the weaknesses and quirks of your partner fade far into the background.

Being in love

Love is a development of feelings, that is why it is stable and lasting. Unlike infatuation, where you see everything through rose-colored glasses and can hardly think clearly, love is wise, love for the other person strengthens a person’s self-esteem.
By falling in love, you see the chosen one in a completely different light. You are enthusiastic about his appearance, charisma, gestures and manner. Being in love can be very superficial.

Love, on the other hand, seeks the resemblance to one’s own soul – that is, the soul mate

So, in order to love, you have to be emotionally developed. It can be said that infatuation is a state of man, but love is the behavior towards the other person.
When one loves truly and sincerely, the beloved person is at the center of all life’s thoughts. The other person’s pleasure, problems, and pain push to the forefront and push your own problems and needs to the background. Everyone would like to be loved, but not everyone can love. A person who has only the need to be loved is not himself capable of loving deeply and sincerely.

You have decided to get married?

Then you should ask yourself the following questions beforehand:


  • worry about my darling?
  • promote the development and enrichment of feelings?
  • help him, take care of him and support his interests?
  • change something about me to keep our love alive?
  • sacrifice something for love when it is necessary?
  • together with him build a beautiful home for us and our family, where we feel comfortable and where we like to stay?
  • talk to my partner about his work and am I even interested in it?
  • share my thoughts, intentions and ideas with him?
  • share the same feelings and thoughts about children and parenting with him?
  • Resolve conflicts with the partner or do we argue for several days?
  • be faithful to him and he to me?
  • imagine spending my whole life with the same partner or do I think only until marriage?

What is love anyway?

Many psychologists have tried to find a suitable answer to the question “What is love anyway?”. They came up with different answers. The world-famous psychologist Erich Fromm distinguishes five types of love in his book “The Art of Love”:

  • Sibling Love
  • Mother Love
  • erotic love
  • Self-love
  • Love for God

The Russian scientist I. Sechenov has distinguished three stages in the development of love:

  • platonic love
  • Possessive love
  • Habitual Love

Marriage for love

In the 20th Jrh. marriage for love has become more respected than marriage for reason. Even today, 90% percent of young married couples cite love as the main reason for getting married. When you marry for love and understand and respect each other, your love grows stronger over the years. Silver and gold weddings prove that a long-lasting, strong union between husband and wife is possible.