Family members and friends of the bride and groom

Familienmitglieder und Freunde des Brautpaares

But also other family members, as well as friends of the bride and groom are at their side

Of course, the bride and groom care the most about the wedding preparations. The parents of the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and even the flower children. The bride and groom should accept the help of these people with joy. In the article below, we will let you know what duties the parents of the bride and groom, the best man and the bridesmaids can take on when organizing the wedding party. We also give you some information about what kind of clothes the guests wear at the wedding reception.

The mother of the bride will love to help with the wedding preparations. It organizes in the background and does all the tasks you don’t have time for. She helps the bride to compile the guest list, to buy flowers, she clarifies questions with the pastry chef regarding the wedding cake etc.

Helping the mother to compile the guest list

The bride’s mother should discuss the guest list together with the groom’s mother Even in the case where the wedding expenses are paid solely by the bride’s parents, the bride’s mother may not only include her relatives and friends as guests in the guest list. After the bride’s mother has received a promise or a refusal from all the invitees, she must compile a final list.
Then the mother of the bride can think about a seating plan. When designing the seating arrangement, the bride’s mother must avoid people sitting together who literally do not understand each other at all. The mother must also take care that the bride and groom will sit in the middle of the action and have the best view. It is important that families sit mixed at the tables.

Helping the bride’s mother to choose the wedding dress

On the question of whether the bride should buy her wedding dress, have it sewn, or borrow it, the bride and her mother must find an answer together. Even if the bride’s mother bears the cost of the wedding dress, the final word on the decision should be made by the bride.

Help in choosing the photographer

The mother should help her daughter and future son-in-law to find a good professional photographer. Today, almost everyone has a digital camera. Therefore, there will certainly be enough amateur photographers among the guests. But for good wedding photos it is not enough that the guests capture funny incidents and charming situations with their camera, you should already think of a professional!

Wedding day help

On the wedding day, the bride’s mother has to make sure that everything goes according to the plan. If the bride is nervous, the mother must calm her down. Who can do that better than your own mother?
The bride’s mother also plays a role in dressing the bride. She and the maid of honor responsibly help dress the bride.

How to dress the mother of the bride at the wedding

The bride’s mother should also look pretty and elegant on the day of her daughter’s wedding. In summer, she could choose a light festive dress or an elegant costume. A light hat can complement the outfit of the mother of the bride. In cold weather, for example, it could be a chic velvet dress with matching accessories. The hat must harmonize with the dress. The color of the dress or costume that the bride’s mother will wear on the wedding day could harmonize with the bridal bouquet.

The best man

Best man and best man is the same person. The groom chooses his own best man. He used to choose the best and bravest man among his friends. Even today, the groom should be careful when choosing the bride’s guide and choose a responsible person. The main task of the witnesses today is to witness the marriage and to assist the couple with advice and support, in good times and in bad. But witnesses not only testify to the love and fidelity of the bride and groom, they perform many tasks during the preparation period as well as on the actual wedding day.

Help in the preparation period

The best man assists the bride and groom with the dress issue, which requires a lot of patience on his part. Top priority for the outfits – advice is sensitivity and honesty. The groomsmen organize a bachelor party worthy of the bride and groom and help with the execution of the bachelor party, from the design of the premises to the music and the tapping staff. In addition, the groomsmen take care of transportation of guests.

Wedding day help

On the day of the wedding, the best man plays the chauffeur. The groomsmen must also have necessary change in their pockets, and make sure that the wedding rings are ready at the right moment. The groomsmen will take care of any problems that may arise during the ceremony and will have the bride and groom’s back so that the newlyweds can enjoy their day and celebrate without any worries.

How the best man should dress at the wedding

On the wedding day, the best man should wear formal attire, such as an elegant suit and a smart shirt and tie. The style of his clothing should match the style of the groom’s wedding gown. In addition, the festive dress of the bride’s guide should harmonize with the bridesmaids’ dress in color and style.

Maid of honor

The bridesmaids are chosen from among the girlfriends. The maid of honor must necessarily be unmarried. If the wedding is large and intends more than 100 guests, the bride can choose up to 8 friends for her wedding party instead of one. In addition, the young sons and daughters of relatives and friends take on the task of scattering flowers and help to give the wedding ceremony a very special flair. The traditional role of the bridesmaids was to confuse evil spirits and keep them away from the bride. She also handles all sorts of organizational matters. On the wedding day, the bridesmaids must help the bride get dressed, and they should also help her get into the car. During the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids should hold the bridal bouquet.

Wedding reception

Following an old tradition, a girls’ night is held for the bride before the wedding ceremony. Usually, the girls’ nights are held at home or in a modest cafe. And for the organization are responsible bridesmaids. Bridesmaids invite guests, take care of the so-called “table of sweets”, drinks, fruits and vegetables, and also the necessary props.

How to dress bridesmaids at the wedding

The style and color of the bridesmaids ‘ wedding gown must harmonize with the bride’s festive gown. If the bride has chosen a long elegant dress, her maid of honor must also be dressed accordingly. When the bride puts on a short dress, the maid of honor looks absurd in a long dress. The dress of the maid of honor must also match the color of the dress of the bride’s guide.

The father of the bride

Not only the witnesses, but also the parents of the bride and groom are at the side of the two on the wedding day. For the father of the bride, the wedding day of his daughter is also a very significant day. He relinquishes the responsibility he has been carrying for his daughter ,and hands her over to the care of another man. Today, the father of the bride has only the duty to lead the bride to the altar to entrust her to the groom. An important task of the father of the bride is the table speech. Even if this task is performed by an uncle or brother of the bride, there should be a short, spicy speech by the father of the bride at every wedding.

How to dress the father of the bride at the wedding

For the best day of his daughter’s life, the father of the bride should choose a dark gray or dark blue suit. It goes best with a white shirt. But he can also choose other color shades for his shirt. For example, beige, cappuccino, caramel and delicate pastel shades, such as a touch of rosé or peach. The clothing should be supplemented with colorful tie.

Finally, we tell you how the attire of the bride and groom and guests depends on the wedding style. At an official wedding, the bride must necessarily appear in a long, extravagant dress. It must be white, complemented with all the accessories. A white veil is not only a fashion accessory, but also signifies the innocence of the bride. All invited guests adapt to the wedding style accordingly.

At a semi-official wedding, the bride can wear both a long and a short dress. Wedding dresses are not always white at semi-official weddings. They can be decorated with magnificent embroidery, and the color of the dress can be red, green and blue. Instead of veil, the bride can put a pretty hat or flower wreath on her head. The best man dresses according to the groom’s attire. At a non-official wedding, the bride chooses either a formal dress, or a chic pantsuit. The other guests dress according to the bridal gown. If the wedding is held outdoors, anything that pleases is allowed. Try the color of love. Or with a strong blue, which goes wonderfully with the color of the sky.

The bride and all guests can complement their wedding attire with flower wreaths

If you are celebrating your wedding with close family and friends, you can wear sports suits, or even festive dresses. Only for the men there is a taboo: they are not allowed to wear black suits.