Celebrating bachelor party and stag night has tradition

Girls night out and bachelor party

Although the bride and groom have a lot to do before the wedding, they are still expected to have a traditional bachelor party for their friends.

The bachelor parties are held separately for the bride and groom.

During these evenings, the young people have the opportunity to meet with the friends and girlfriends and let off steam before the wedding.
In the past, bachelor parties were held on the eve of the wedding. Now it is not so common, they are now organized about 2-3 weeks before the wedding.
It has its causes: the young people often party with a lot of alcohol, and of course, the next day can be a headache. And what kind of wedding is it if you don’t feel well and are not fit enough?

Bachelor party

Bachelor party is a celebration that the groom holds for his friends so that they can all say goodbye to bachelor life together. It is usually celebrated in a bar or club with a lot of alcohol. Often the young people also visit a sauna or bath, where not only bathe or sweat, but also drink a lot of beer, and even invited a masseuse, who offers the groom an erotic massage.

You could also invite actors, or perform special effects, organize music and dances. All this creates a special atmosphere.
Nowadays, it is common to toast the health of the bride at the end of the bachelor party. At the same time, the groom and all the guests stand up. The groom says, “To the bride!” and finishes his champagne. All the guests follow him, and put the glasses on the table. In the past, the glasses were smashed, but today it is no longer common. After the ceremony, the bride should not be curious and ask for details.

Wedding night (girls night out)

Today it is also common, as in the past; to hold girls’ nights, usually at home or in a cafe. The bride and her friends do not celebrate their girls’ night out right on the eve of the wedding. On the wedding day, everyone must be well rested. The bride’s guide usually deals with the organization of the girls’ evening.

Friends of the bride

The girls’ night can be attended by friends of the bride and also girls from the circle of relatives. The age of the participants does not matter.

  • Girls’ nights can be organized in different ways: at work with colleagues, at home with relatives and neighbors, with friends.
  • You could also organize a girls’ night in a beauty salon, in a sauna or in a bath-, in a clearing in the forest.
  • Very interesting would be a “pajama night”. The girls all put on pretty pajamas or nightgowns. You can spread out on sofas or beds, use a bunch of pillows. Light drinks, fruit, snacks or potato chips go well with this. At such evenings you can watch photos and videos from the bride’s childhood and youth.
  • There are also other themes to create the girls’ evenings, e.g., “Farewell, kindergarten”, “School time”, “An evening in a harem”.
  • It doesn’t matter how you arrange your bachelor party, the main thing is that it is relaxing and fun.

The time of holding the girls’ nights often coincides with the groom’s bachelor party.