Celebrate a theme wedding: the big day under the sign of a particular theme

The design of your own wedding should be a personal and individual decision that the couple makes together according to interests and their own ideas. There is no such thing as the perfect wedding, nor is there a guide on how to properly plan the big day. When a couple decides to say “I do” and embed this special moment in a celebration, first of all there is a lot of room for creativity and own ideas.

While some couples already have an approximate or quite concrete idea of how they would like to enter the harbor of marriage together, others are initially faced with a big question mark and are overwhelmed by the variety of possibilities. A themed wedding can help provide a common thread while adding a personal touch to the big day.

There is so much more than “classic”

Wedding guidebooks and magazines about the most beautiful day in the life of a couple are available in abundance. In the initial phase of planning their own wedding, brides and grooms like to go in search of inspiration in order to gradually create their own dream wedding from the abundance of design ideas. Much of the literature available on the subject of wedding planning focuses on more classic wedding themes and only occasionally ventures a brief look outside the box. There is
beyond the classic idea of weddings
so much to discover.

Those who dream of a very classic wedding will find a variety of options to make this dream come true. Modern weddings, however, are allowed to bear a very personal signature and show what is important to the bride and groom individually. A themed wedding can take a theme close to the hearts of the bride and groom and bring common interests to the forefront. This will make the big day a unique event.

From the invitation to the entertainment: these elements convey the theme of the wedding

With a theme wedding, a special theme runs like a thread through the preparations and the actual event. For the bride and groom, this can bring many benefits, because it also provides a kind of guide for the individual decisions made during the planning process. In order for the wedding motto to be atmospheric, various elements around the celebration should be considered:

1. the choice of the location

The wedding location is one of the first decisions couples have to make. At least one year in advance, popular venues for special celebrations should be requested. Should the bridal couple have a particularly unusual location in mind, it may even be advisable to secure the desired date even earlier.

For a themed wedding, the party location should be chosen so that its overall ambiance emphasizes the chosen theme. For a medieval wedding or a fairy tale wedding, castles and palaces are available in a large selection for celebrations. However, the more unusual the wedding theme, the trickier it can be to find the perfect backdrop for the big day. A good point of reference is provided by events that take up a similar theme and therefore also require the appropriate stage.

2. invitation cards to set the mood for the guests

So that the guests immediately get an impression of how the bride and groom envision their special day, the invitation cards should also be selected to match the theme. If you want a particularly individual touch, you can use the
Design your own invitation cards online
. In the meantime, however, there are also some agencies that have specialized in the realization of unusual weddings and can also
individual invitation cards
can offer.

With the design of the invitations, guests can get a feel for what special setting the planned wedding will offer and get ready for it. Here the bride and groom should also point out the desired dress code, because a theme wedding lives on the fact that the special atmosphere is also created by the guests. For particularly outlandish themes, it can be helpful to include a few suggestions and addresses to help family and friends find the right outfit for the glittering celebration.

3. the outfit of the bride and groom

The bride and groom are the centerpiece and the eye-catcher of the celebration. Therefore, the outfit of the bride and groom should be perfectly matched with the theme of the wedding. In most cases, this means saying goodbye to the white wedding dress, the elegant suit and the veil.

The right outfit for a theme wedding is usually not available in the classic bridal fashion store. For this, outfitters for theater and reenactment are a good place to start. Often it is also worthwhile to contact a garment tailor with an appropriate focus and have the dream outfit tailored to your body. Thus, individual wishes can also be realized and a commissioned work is often even cheaper than a classic wedding dress.

4. music and entertainment

Music transports mood like hardly anything else. Therefore, the background music should also match the ambience of the theme wedding. The question of whether a band, DJ or your own playlist will accompany you through the celebration should be themed to the theme of the wedding. With the appropriate choice of music, the bride and groom and guests can immerse themselves in the special mood.

The entertainment program should also continue the thread that runs through the festivities. Medieval or fairy tale weddings, for example, can be excellently entertained by a troupe of jugglers who accompany the party with minstrel songs and all kinds of jugglery. At a wedding in the style of Al Capone, gaming tables can provide fun hours. For most wedding themes, there is a wide selection of party games and entertainment ideas that will enhance the character of the event. Here, the bride and groom can reach deep into their creative box of ideas and get inspiration from movies and TV series.

5. culinary and decoration

The physical well-being also deserves a lot of attention at a wedding. Whether buffet, menu or event cooking, a wedding motto can also be creatively implemented in food and drinks. From a knight’s banquet to a sci-fi style buffet, modern gastronomy is surprisingly versatile.

It does not always have to be the classic wedding cake. Instead, how about an ice sculpture that incorporates a famous movie character, a hobby of the bride and groom, or some other thematic symbolism? And also the selection of cold or warm dishes, which accompany culinary through the celebration, can be stylishly adapted to a theme wedding with a little creativity. In the event gastronomy, bridal couples will find suitable places to go for their very personal wedding celebration.

Of course, the decoration is also an essential element for the right mood. Since theme parties are very much in vogue, bridal couples will find a rich selection of decorative items in stores that can be used to thematically coordinate the location. Depending on the venue, the host may also take over the design of the premises in coordination with the bride and groom. Mostly it is gladly seen, if the couple brings in own ideas and supplements the existing repertoire by individual decoration elements so a coherent overall picture with a completely personal note develops.

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