Ideas how to design a marriage proposal

Romantic marriage proposal

Every girl dreams that her sweetheart will propose to her romantically. And, of course, every young man wants to carefully prepare for this moment.

  • A variant for a fancy marriage proposal would be to recite it in different languages. I am convinced that your beloved will be impressed and her answer will be “Yes”, as beautiful words of love in all languages of our earth will touch hearts.
  • Take a hot bath together with aromatic candles, put rose petals in the water, and in the middle a floating candle or rubber duck with the engagement ring.
  • If your girl likes seafood, bring her oysters to bed for breakfast and place the ring in one of the small shells.
  • If the beloved likes to be massaged, so start with a leg massage, and put the ring on a toe of her foot.
  • You can romantically invite your beloved to the place where you met and propose in this place. Do not forget to bring a bottle of champagne and glasses.

Will you marry me?

You can bake a pirogue or buy a delicious cake at the store that says, “Will you marry me?”

  • You can have your marriage proposal appear in a magazine or newspaper that your sweetheart reads.
  • You can give the beloved jewels with a corresponding engraving.
  • You can also place the ring at the bottom of a glass of red wine. As soon as the lady of your heart has discovered the ring while drinking, make her the marriage proposal.
  • For a marriage proposal at Christmas, you could hang the ring on the Christmas tree.
  • Try to invite the girl to play soccer, field hockey, or something similar. And ask the commentator in advance to announce your marriage proposal through the microphone.

You can write in the sand : “Will you marry me?”

  • You could have friends and relatives show up at your house with posters that say “Will you marry me?” while you get down on one knee and hold out the wedding ring to your sweetheart.
  • You can send a message to your beloved describing all your romantic feelings. Just a few minutes later, you step in front of her and propose.
  • You can create an Internet page: tell about your life together and publish photos of yourself and your beloved. Under it write the eager question.