Wedding rings with gemstones in your favorite color

Gemstones of all kinds are wonderful for adorning a wedding ring.

Depending on the season of your wedding, you could choose an appropriate gemstone for your wedding ring. If you are planning your wedding in spring, you can choose aquamarine or green emerald. The green-blue aquamarine is the stone of the month of March and a symbol of happy marriage. It also gives courage and strength.

Emerald, green like forest and meadow, used to be considered a powerful love amulet.

It consolidates fidelity and maintains the power of love. Its sparkling green makes evil spirits disappear from the house of the couple.

If your wedding takes place in the summer, choose the red ruby for your ring. Red like love, it dispels quarrels and grief and can also ward off humiliation. The ruby is called the king stone: valuable like the emeralds, red like love and blood. Ruby is the most precious stone for women.

For a fall wedding, you could go with the blue sapphire. Sapphire because of its magical power: to ward off disaster and betrayal. Even today it protects the bride and groom or the married couple from the loss of virtue. You can also choose the topaz for a wedding in the fall. Topaz in various colors is considered an inexhaustible source of energy.

To a wedding in the winter fits very nicely the garnet.

This stone symbolizes partnership and love. Garnet belongs to the typical costume jewelry of women in the Alpine country. It dispels tribulations for them and is a talisman against all pains related to sex and birth. If you tie a garnet necklace around your child, the stone will give him the ability to make friends and stay loyal.

Other stones are also attributed magical powers. For example, the purple amethyst wards off bad luck. The colorful opal brings good luck. Turquoise holds out the prospect of wealth. The rock crystal is as clear and pure as the soul should be, as clear and bright as the future should be before the bride and groom. In popular belief, clarity gives it the ability to heal and preserve its own strength.

You can also choose a gemstone in your favorite color for your wedding ring.

    • Aquamarine – green blue

    • Amethyst – purple

    • Garnet – dark red

    • Opal – orange to fire red

    • Ruby – blood red

    • Emerald – green

    • Topaz – golden yellow

    • Turquoise – turquoise blue

The undisputed king of gemstones is the diamond.

It is harder than any other and is considered a symbol of indestructibility of marriage, love and happiness. Its special magic lies in its history of development. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago under extreme temperatures in the earth. Volcanic eruptions brought the diamond-bearing rock to the surface, for example in Africa, India, the Urals, Siberia and Australia.

When the diamond has 58 facets cut, it becomes a brilliant. You can have brilliant set only in gold. You have to wear diamonds on the hand, arm, etc. of the left side of the body – where the heart beats. If it glitters on the bride’s wedding ring, it means that she is dear to her future husband.

There are 3 groups of stones:

    • Gemstones include: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Natural Pearls, Alexandrite.

    • Semi-precious stones include: Aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, garnet, hyacinth, rock crystal, moonstone, opal, topaz, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, chrysolite, zircon, foam beads.

    • Handmade stones include: Aventurine, agate, lazurhite, coral, malachite, nephrite, carnelian, amber, jasper and others.