Being a tamada or presenter at a wedding is a vocation

Tamada oder Moderator auf einer Hochzeit zu sein ist eine Berufung

Therefore, you must choose your tamada very carefully

There are some rules for this: It is best to start your search for a tamada a few months before the wedding, otherwise the most suitable person may already have been booked for another wedding on your wedding day. You will also have enough time to discuss the program in detail.

How to find the perfect tamada?

Consider beforehand whether your presenter should be male or female, whether the person should have conservative or modern views? Does this person fit the style of your wedding and you? Is this person tactful and likeable to you right away? These are all important requirements to find the suitable wedding guide.

Customs and traditions of musical wedding accompaniment

It’s best to arrange to meet some tamadas so you can compare them. This will make it easier for you to make a decision. You can also ask your closest selection to send you a video recording of them hosting a wedding.

Ask the tamada the following questions at the first meeting.

  • What payment do you expect for your services?
  • What date do you foresee for payment? (best after the party, and leave the payment to your parents or friends).
  • How long will you lead our celebration?
  • Do you offer additional services? (e.g.: music ensemble, dance groups)

During the meeting, pay attention to whether you find the tamada sympathetic and what feelings he triggers in you. Does his voice inspire your confidence? What are his gestures and facial expressions like? Pay particular attention to whether he has trouble looking you directly in the eye and whether his gaze is indifferent or attentive.

The first impression is usually the decisive one

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. It is natural that the bride and groom are excited before the wedding and want to know everything in detail.
Don’t expect the tamada to put together your entire wedding program.

How the entertainment with the theme or motto of the wedding….

If he is professional, he will ask you how you envision your wedding and its process. So if you tell him your exact ideas, he can design the program according to your wishes.

Do not forget that the tamada does not know your relatives and friends

So make him a list with the names of your loved ones and describe the relationship you have with each other, so that the moderator can make some games or jokes with them and the interaction will seem less strange. Also, make a “wish list” of which sayings and games are undesirable for you and which ones you expect. Be sure to discuss what music will be played at your ceremony, especially the song for your first wedding dance.

When your guests tell you about the wedding later, they will immediately ask how the tamada was. With a good tamada guests will have only pleasant memories of the wedding. So we wish you a successful election!